Rene Descartes Argument In Meditation

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Renes Descartes is a very well known arm chair philosopher who was not content with the idea that everything he was told had to be accepted. Descartes believed that everything he told was to be accepted, until he began to doubt things. In Meditation I, he doubts just about everything; including his trustworthiness of his senses. In Meditation II, Descartes finds a belief that he does not doubt that is that he is a thinking thing. Through Descartes Dream Argument in Meditation I he doubts his senses. He then doubts everything that he had once believed to perceive, in Meditation II, using his evil Demon Argument. Through this argument of extreme doubt he finally comes to the conclusion that he exists because he is thinking. In Meditation I Descartes …show more content…

The emotion, senses and even actions are all very real. The one dream that sticks out the most is one about my road test that I had last year. In my dream I was getting ready for my road test. My instructor then showed up 45 minutes early and I was not ready since I was not expecting him at that time. I ran to finish getting ready and went outside. As I was opening the door he drove away. In the dream I remember chasing after him telling him I was ready and to please not leave me. I then went to call the office to tell them my instructor left without me because he thought I wasn’t ready due to him being 45 minutes early. The person on the phone told me too bad and that driving is full of being on time. The dream felt extremely real. I was panicking that I missed my road test because my instructor left and there was nothing I could do about it. I then woke up and was completely relieved. But when I woke up I still felt the physical symptoms of nervousness and anxiety. There was no way I knew I was dreaming until I woke up because everything felt extremely real. There was absolutely nothing in that dream that would have been responsible for making me question if what was happening was

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