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Have you ever wondered where authors get their inspiration from? Ray Bradbury used some of his own life experiences inside the book of Fahrenheit 451. Such as the cold war and the burning of suspicious books and also his imagination of what the future would hold for society. In the 1950’s the Cold War was happening, Bradbury saw a wide range of possibility for him to create a similar war happening throughout Fahrenheit 451. Even though the USA and the Soviet Union were allies they were not the most reliable pair. The United States was very concerned about the leader of Russia; this is proven by They proved that, “communism" would be a problem in the USA ( Ray Bradbury used this discovery and came up with a great main idea of a novel. So he drafted a book called, “The Fireman” (Gaiman xiv). The book was a failure because he did not have enough detail for a fictional world for the story. But it …show more content…

The pedestrian was a short story that Bradbury had written in 1951. “About a man who is incarcerated by police after he is stopped simply for walking” (Gaiman xiii). The short story had built the world of Fahrenheit 451 because it shows how much the government and law enforcement are taking over people's independence. For instance; In today’s world the government cannot trust some people because they believe people can be involved in ISIS. That is similar to the 1950’s because the government were very suspicious of people being communist’s, that is mainly why they started to burn books. The main thing to take out of reading Fahrenheit 451 is that Bradbury was giving his idea of the future and also his present combined but our society see’s the

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