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Generally speaking, humans cannot be entirely prepared for dying or the death of a close person in their life. Some people say that facing death gives a person both opportunity to grow mentally and the strength to carry on in life; however, it can be too much to handle alone. Help can be needed not only from relatives and peers, but also from the experts. Strong grieving is more than usual, but life must eventually carry on. Death can be both interesting and frightening at the same time because nobody knows what happens afterwards. We only know that dying is final. The memoir Night by Elie Wiesel is constructed around death at the Holocaust concentration camps, and it discusses many different forms of death, which are physical dying, the death …show more content…

Women and children were set free from the camp through chimneys of the crematoriums. Moreover, men who were elected to work realized quickly that the level of innocence they used to have was no longer the same. Over time regular people turned into animals, killing and injuring other prisoners over small portions of food. The general mindset that the prisoners adopted at the camps was aggression. They had just a small eventuality to survive so they did not care about the consequences of their actions and this lead them to behave like monstrous ogres. What comes to Elie Wiesel, he is first introduced as an innocent young boy who has dedicated his life to his family and religion but he is saved from the camp as a worn out man. Elie Wiesel was shocked by inhuman thing he saw, such as his friends being trembled to death by other inmates. On the other hand, when Elie’s father passed away he put all his remaining strength into himself and did not ponder too much others prospects of survival. Secondly, the Germans got more brutal and aggressive through the memoir. First SS Officers acted more like “peacekeepers” trying to maintain discipline; however, once they realized that they could do and say anything to the prisoners they begun to act more greedily. For example, they stole all gold teeth form prisoners and scourged Elie until he fainted because he saw an officer having sex. Finally, A person who was involved in the events of the Holocaust most certainly suppressed his humane and “innocent” view about the

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