Research Paper On The Chicago Black Sox Scandal

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The Scandal Cheating has never been nor will ever be acceptable. There are so many ways it has been done, some severe, some less severe. The majority of the time people will look down on those who cheat. People often enjoy watching sports, and at times it is a great way to connect with others. Baseball has always been considered America’s pastime. There have been great players and teams at the face of the game. There have been many times when cheating has been connected to game, and it always overshadows the play. The events of the 1919 Chicago Black Sox cheating scandal caused the game of baseball to change, leading to stricter rules the players had to abide by. No cheating scandal in baseball history has ever been larger than that of the …show more content…

All the players involved were banned from baseball for life on August 3rd, 1921 (“Black Sox Scandal”). Most players had promising careers in the MLB but never got to see them flourish. The game of baseball was broken and questioned, so team owners attempted to restore it by creating the office of baseball commissioner (Pietrusza 60). This position was filled by federal judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis (Pietrusza 60). Everyone wanted to see some leadership to take charge in this case and that is what they got. Landis definitely took charge immediately saying, “regardless of the verdict of the juries, no player that throws a ball game; will ever play professional baseball” (Pietrusza 61). At the trial, jurors and defendants celebrated after the verdict leading many people to suspect that they were bribed (Pietrusza 60). The court system in the 1920s was not always trustworthy. The commissioner of baseball remains the most powerful position in baseball, and cheating of any sort is against all rules (Anderson 53). The Black Sox scandal set guidelines that are still in place today. The game of baseball changed for the good after the events of the

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