Research Papers On Outliers By Malcolm Gladwell

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Malcolm Gladwell stated in his book, Outliers, that “There’s no such thing as a self-made man and that super achievers are successful because of their circumstances, their families, and their appetite for hard work.” to explain countless stories of how success could be determined on a person’s culture, month they were born, and parent’s profession and without these success should not be accomplished. He goes to describe stories of korean pilots, chess masters, and IQ “geniuses” in support of his thesis and for the most part, the two seem to fit almost perfectly. However, this is does not coexist with the common law of human nature because as its namesake, these are the true “outliers”. In everyday life, people born in January are not automatically …show more content…

As he missed the golden window for his birthday that would, as gladwell argues, almost automatically grant him success, Miller had to rely on other factors that would drive him to success. Location, another factor the=at Gladwell considers crucial to success, was also a problem for Miller. During his education, he lived in the worst possible places to learn about music. He jumped from Iowa To Nebraska to Missouri, and finally to Wyoming, and finally back to COlorado for college. It was eventually the second time that Miller lived in COlorado that his music career would finally take off. After two years in college and an assortment of music jobs at various orchestras, Miller moved to Los ANgeles where was was paired with Benny Goodman, another rising musician and they would then travel and work with several Ben Pollack Orchestra bands. Obviously, Miller’s career did not take off due to his occasion like the examples that Gladwell described in his book. However, that is because as the title suggests, Gladwell’s “outliers” are truely outliers. As Frederick DOuglass stated in his self-made man speech, “.... real Excellence often comes on Harold and from unexpected quarters,” and that is exactly how Miller was able to rise to fame and become a super achiever, even in his unfortunate

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