Responsibility Of A Boss In Lord Of The Flies, By William Golding

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Boss or nah

Imagine a work environment without a boss, it may seem enjoyable right? Nobody tells you what to accomplish all the time or gives you rules as if you're like a prisoner in a prison cell. This topic on whether or not to have an authority figure in charge. Many believe that if they abstain from having a boss, it would be way better but others don’t. In the article “ going boss-free” it discusses the topic in more detail and states that if there wasn’t a designated person in charge then. It would lead to people trying to attempt to be higher up in the hierarchy and end up fighting. But others believe that it could lead to employees being more creative in their work environment and more independent. Moreover, why have a boss …show more content…

Ralph is the one chosen to be the leader of the group of stranded boys on the island. Just as if you're in an office, everyone has their own jobs and things to do. But most of the boys, especially Jack. Jack demonstrated that even though you may have a boss doesn’t mean that everything is gonna run smoothly, moreover if respectfulness is lacking. On page 221 it says “ Samneric were savages like the rest; Piggy is dead, and the conch smashed to powder.” This part of the text demonstrates that even though you may have a leader does not mean that people will follow the rules and be respectful.

The article “Going Boss-free” states “ The significant challenge for a bossless company, she adds, is the way decisions get made. The speed of decision-making is often slower if you need consensus” This piece of evidence exhibits that having a boss-free work environment could cause actions to take longer than expected. Which would cause a significant change in the amount of work accomplished, which is another reason why I believe that work environments shouldn’t be work free. Additionally since if there weren’t to be a leader people would start to act like

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