Restorative Evidence

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Research Evidence

Supporting empirical evidence is overwhelming for the restorative justice process and its use with young offenders in the juvenile justice system and because of this, focus will be placed on adult offender studies.
The Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking at the University of Minnesota conducted an independent review of multiple meta-analyses of restorative justice programs. In these studies, victims participated on average in about 50% of the cases but rates as high as 90% were reported. The willingness to participate was motivated by the need to help the offender change their life choices, understand the justification of the crime, and to share their pain with the offender (Umbreit, Vos, & Coates, 2006, p. 2). …show more content…

It appears on the multiple studies reviewed in this report there is a variation in the response pending the severity of the offense and the type of restorative justice utilized. It is indicated Sentencing Circles are consistent in all arenas; they report a low recidivism rate in relation to all levels of crime severity. Over all, recidivism rates were down with restorative justice programs when compared to traditional programs. Statistics reported dependable results noting when offenders did re-offend the crimes were not as violent or severe and this was found not to be the circumstance with traditional programs (Umbreit, Vos, & Coates, 2006, p. …show more content…

history has undeniably proven incarceration of the masses is not the answer to restoring justice in our communities. There is not one program or theory that will resolve all crime or criminal activity at all levels. The definition of crime is fluid as society, itself, defines crime, thus society creates crime. Those in society with the greatest power and status, in the majority of cases tend to be those with the highest incomes, are the most influential in defining and creating crime. Those same individuals are those who represent our political beliefs and agendas. The politics of crime control will forever be ongoing the pendulum from left to right will never hold stable, nor should it. It does appear restorative justice encompasses values and beliefs from all sides enough so to reach a middle ground of

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