Retelling: A Short Story Of A Great Medicine Man

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Retelling: The once was a young Sioux boy. He was strong and brave. Many thought he would become a great medicine man, all he needed was a vision. His mother prepared him for his vision quest and gave him food to eat so he is strong enough for his vision. She then takes him to two medicine men that take him in to a sweat lodge to purify him buy rubbing oils on him and burning sage. They then take him to a spot in the middle of the forest where they had dug a vision pit for him. They then blessed a tobacco bundle for him and gave it to him and left. That night he heard a voice. It called him childish and unready for a vision, but the young man, as courageous as he was, said he would stick it out and would not leave until he gets his vision. Later that night he awoke to a boulder crashing down on him, only to stop an arms length away. Then the boulder rolled…show more content…
When he returned heard the voice again. This time it asks why he had returned and the boys said he would not leave until he got his vision. The next night her heard the voice again demanding the boy to leave, and the boy refuse and questions the voices authority. This time the whole mountain shook, and the boy ran back to the medicine men. He told them what happened and that he had nit gotten a vision. The medicine men told him he did not receive it because he we demanded it instead of earning it. Lesson: When searching for spiritual enlighten meant you can not demand or order it. You must go out and hope for it. It is not like hunting when you will and power bring you the greatest reward. You must be humble and open minded. The sioux boy in this story thought he was the greatest. He thought that nothing could stop him and that his vision should be like hunting a buffalo, where you track it down and use your strength to capture it, when it is more like starting a fire, where you must be more patient to
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