Theme Of Loss By Elie Wiesel

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Themes: Loss
Throughout the book loss is always prevalent. In the beginning of the book Barns are being burnt down. Not only just the barns were burned the animals inside and along with the hay. This was devastating to the amish because that his how they made their living. They farmed and produced materials using the livestock and land, without it life would be virtually impossible without the support of others in the community. The Hostler families only other source of income would be the mother selling quilts but that was not nearly enough to support such a large family. The Second main loss happened during the barn fire. Little Eli bravely charged into the save his colt, but when running out a burning beam fell onto him. His father quickly …show more content…

Eli was airlifted to the hospital and later died to a sivir spinal injury. The family was devastated having a funeral for him soon after he died because they wanted to leave him as he died without embalming him. Esle along with the entire Hostler family went through a major loss when Jacob decided to leave the Amish community. Before Jacob left he took the money that his mother had been saving by selling quilts that was for the both of them which put Esle at a loss of a shotgun. After forgiving his brother for taking the money he realized that with his brother out of the community he was prone to get into trouble. After seeing the loss that Eli’s family was going through he didn't want his family to have to go through to same. When his brother came at the end of the book he was relieved that he didn't have to worry anymore about him anymore and could know for sure that he wasn't the one that set all of …show more content…

The main person that really goes looking for who they are is Jacob. Jacob didn't see himself living as a Amish man forever so he took a leap of faith and left everything including her parents his brother his community and went out to live the english life. As the partying, drinking and smoking continued he was having fun he had a apartment and even a girlfriend but when the smoke cleared he realized its not all fun. His friends began to grow apart, his girlfriend had an abortion and all of the sudden he was back feeling the same way he did when he was in the amish community, like he didn't belong. Like he wasn't meant for this. So Jacob fell into a spiral or alcohol, nicotine and devils cabbage. He drank more and more smoked more and more and eventually was in a constant fog going from party to party trying to avoid reality. Then the night of the fires came. Jacob was in a daze climbing the mountain like he had as a kid. Searching for answers about himself. He wound up in the cave being stalked by a bob-cat. As he walks deeper he was attacked by the bob-cat and fell into the hole that Eli almost fell into as a small child. When at the bottom he opened his eyes to the bob-cat staring at him. To his right a limestone pillar that resublimed a angle and to his left a pile of bones. It was at this moment he knew that there were two paths he could go. One lead to eternal life the

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