The Lie Kurt Vonnegut Character Analysis

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In the stories, "The Lie," by Kurt Vonnegut and "Barn Burning," by William Faulkner, the main characters, Eli Remenzel & Colonel Sartoris (Sarty) Snopes, both mature from childhood into adulthood. This growth and maturity develops from having family support and a stable upbringing or perhaps their growth happened within their own self-consciousness. The main characters, in both these stories, use their inner maturity to be strong and courageous and make good decisions as they are growing up. In the story, "The Lie," Eli matures into adulthood. At the very beginning, Eli’s parents' have a lack of understanding of his individuality causing Eli to deny his own feelings. When Eli receives a rejection letter from his high school, Whitehill, he keeps this a secret from his parents to avoid their ultimate disappointment. From the very start of the story, Sylvia believes her son is just another Remenzel among all the past Remenzel’s who have been on the honor list that will be attending Whitehill. Whitehill has been the high school for generations in the Remenzel family history. …show more content…

When Eli’s parents find out that Eli has not been accepted into Whitehill, the headmaster has helped her realize that maybe Eli, despite being a Remenzel, is not suited for Whitehill.. It is at this time that Eli opens up and expresses his feelings to his father for trying to get him into Whitehill.This allows Eli to open up and express his feelings comfortably. We see this when Eli expresses his feelings of anger at his father for trying to get him into Whitehill. At this point he is recognized as an individual, he is ultimately able to mature through his new ability to express himself without being intimidated. Sylvia, eventually recognizes her son’s individuality and allows him to grow and be independent which assists in Eli’s growth and

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