Reverend Hale Test In The Crucible

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“Container for melting a purifying metal” and “severe test” are the definitions of the word crucible. Throughout this play there are several test and challenges each character goes through. In this story written by Arthur Miller, each character was faced with a test. Proctor is the only one that succeeded. Reverend Hale didn’t completely fail nor succeeded. Mary warren failed completely. Each character is different and handles things in very different ways. John confessed falsely to witchcraft for a noble reason of avoiding loss for his children and wife. On a more vast scale Mr. Proctor has refused the signing of his confession. Mr. Proctor cries “It is my name… I cannot have another in my life.” This shows that John’s sence of self wins. Not only does he pass his test, he tears his confession in the confetti. Proctor gets to keep his self pride. In a way Proctor failed in the beggining by having an affair with Abigail Williams. Also, one time while saying the ten commandments he “forgot” to recite the commandment about adultery. …show more content…

Mr. Hale believes in Cotton Mather’s spirit world writings and starts his investigation on. “We cannot look to superstition … the Devil is precise.” When Reverend Hale sees the methods of Mr. Danforth of condemning farmer Mr. John Proctor at word of his accuser Abigail Williams. Hale if very blunt and says whatever is on his mind, by saying that Proctor is being truthful. While saying Abigail “ has always stuck me false.” Sooner or later, Hales intellect is to the point where he quits rather than not listen to his own conscience. He does not want to overthrow the court nor be a rebel, but he is striving for

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