Review Of How To Read Literature Like A Professor By Thomas C. Foster

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How To Read Literature Like A Professor by Thomas C. Foster, gives the reader insight on how to look at a novel in a different perspective. This book truly changes the way the reader views a book. In Chapter 11 of How To Read Literature Like A Professor, the topic of death is introduced. Every death in a novel has a deeper meaning which helps mystify the plot. Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, has 3 significant deaths that occur in the novel to develop the story. Death had a significant impact on Mikage’s life. She lost both her parents as a child. After that, she went to go live with her grandparents. Unfortunately, she lost her grandfather when she was in high school. Soon after that, she lost her grandmother. After suffering all these losses …show more content…

After Mikage’s grandmother's death, Yuichi Tanabe welcomes Mikage to stay in his home with him and his parent as a gesture of politeness in her time of need with the recent events that happened to her. Yuichi knows Mikage because her grandmother bought flowers frequently for her house from a flower shop that Yuichi was an employee at. Once he received the news of her death, he wanted to help Mikage out. Eriko was a very busy, as she was an owner of a busy night club. She was in and out of the house a lot when Mikage was staying there. Mikage and Eriko speak to each other informally, showing that they have got closer during the time they had spent together and have a relationship more like family members than just acquaintances. “I felt like my insides had been gouged out. And now she is no longer here. She isn’t anywhere anymore”(45) says Mikage after Yuichi tells her about Eriko’s death. When Eriko passed away, it hit Mikage hard, adding another loss to someone that was close to her. After Eriko’s death, Mikage and Yuichi became closer and started to develop feelings for each other. They began to feel like they were made for each other, relying on the other for support during the tough times they

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