Review Of Naylor's Essay 'In Defense Of Prejudice'

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Thesis: Both authors in the essay “In Defense of Prejudice” and “Mommy What does ‘Nigger’ Mean?” address controversial topics in the world. While Rauch tackles the idea to protect minorities, Naylor discusses the power of language; however, they both hit on the different stereotypes presented to them throughout their own lives. By successfully using their own personal stories, both authors are able to justify their arguments and create credible personas for the audience. Paragraph I Topic Sentence: Rauch and Naylor were born in two different social spectrum of the world. Through their essays, they break down the social stereotypes through informing the audience of the unknown. While Naylor, a female, grew up in a tight knit African American …show more content…

Evidence: Rauch begins his essay stating that “I-hope-I-don’t-sound-too-defensive tone, that I am not a racist and that this is not an article favoring racism or any other particular prejudice” (350). Analysis: Rauch uses a scholarly, yet defensive tone indicating that his essay is primarily to address a liberal intellectual audience. While Rauch`s targeted audience and political views are prominent throughout his essay, Naylor takes a different approach to educate the readers. While African American maybe able to sympathize with Naylor through her personal life experiences, she establishes a persona that ultimately forms credibility with other racial groups that may be reading her essay. Evidence: Naylor enlightens the audience “Words themselves are innocuous, it is the consensus that gives them true power (234). Analysis: She does not point out any one group regarding the connotation that they may have with the word “nigger,” but rather simply informs the audience of the power and influence with language.

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