Revolution: The Different Stages Of The American Revolution

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In stage one of a revolution, the problems normally do exist, but most people can’t see them, and some don't acknowledge them. In this stage, the government is normally has a lot of debts and is not doing so well with their economy. This makes the government want more money. They get this money by increasing the taxes to the people. In this stage there is also a lot of class inequality. This means that the rich people are very rich, and the poor people are very poor. This means that the government does not rule well, and the lower class people want the rights that the upper class people have. In France, people were reading material that related to the Enlightenment and were reading news of a successful American Revolution. American colonists read Enlightenment thinkers …show more content…

This makes violent actions happen because the people start to show that they are not happy with the way that they are living. In this stage, the leader most likely wants to use force to get the people in order. The leader will most likely fail, and the people will not be scared of him anymore. In this stage there is typically a turning point. The conflict that has happened makes it difficult to return to how they were before. The storming of bastille happened. This was when a mob searching for gunpowder and arms stormed the Bastille, a Paris prison. After the attackers killed several guards, they paraded the streets of Paris with dead men's heads on pikes.Colonial lawyers protested the Stamp Act, and leaders encouraged protesting the British authorities. Colonists engaged in protests and boycotts, including the Boston Tea

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