Hippie Counterculture

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“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliché that must have been left behind in the 60’s, that’s a problem. Peace and love are eternal” (John Lennon). This quote has an influential message. John Lennon is saying that the idea of peace and love should not be a cheesy concept only to leave behind in the sixties and the early seventies. The quote connects to the revolutionary change in the ideas of the sixties and the early seventies because this time frame was more than today’s misunderstanding of the era. The sixties and the early seventies counterculture shifted a massive change into the ideology of American youth by the new media, social norms and powerful activism. The sixties were made up an enormous amount of cultural and …show more content…

The term hippie is a subculture community the rejects the normality of the common lifestyle. The hippie culture took a major role in the counterculture movement. Hippies originated in San Francisco and their beliefs and ideas ended up around the world. The subculture youth from around the world that wanted a change in the social norms. The youth was tired of being help up to sexist and illogical standards from the generations before and the government. They felt that their freedom was being suppressed by the government. The government puts several bans on drugs and made censorship a more widespread regulation. The new generation wanted to be as free as possible and the government and social norms stopped them from that. Thus, resulted in a brand-new generation of a rebellious minority. Hippie rebelled in music, drugs, clothes, and beliefs. They favored long hair, psychedelic colored clothes, and nonviolent protests. This fresh culture, listened to rock music, which these bands, fans were made up of the hippies. An event that helped the hippie movement was the “Summer of Love”. A passionate and influential music festival that was held for three days straight was called Woodstock. Woodstock is a historical nonviolent music festival that pressed the demand for peace. Hippies also expressed themselves by the use of drugs. The hippies often used drugs for their spiritual experiences. Overall the hippie subculture left an enormous impact on the changes in the way people

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