A Valediction Forbidding Mourning Poem Analysis

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A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning
The speaker in “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning” is a man in love with a woman. The man must go far away from his love but he will always be with her in spirit. Love can transcend time and space so let it not be bogged down by humanity’s limits. He tells her that they are experiencing an expansion of love not a loss of it (line 4). The author utilizes many poetic devices like romantic diction, for example no matter where any lover goes their counter part is a hairs breath away. The author structure the poem this way to express that speaker love is no normal love.
The first 3 stanzas the author talks of as brave men pass away they peaceful let their souls go. Some of their friends and family are complacent …show more content…

In line ( 13-16) the author write normal lovers will lose their love for their counterparts due to parts they are connected to “. Meaning that since they are physical connected they are unable to experience the sensation that makes their love which can be like seeing each other. While those are spiritual connected can care less about physical interaction since their love is not purely physical. Then the speaker goes to say “ though I must go far away our souls are connected so we are not experiencing a breach of love but a expansion to new heights ( line 20 -24)”. When lovers separate it is normal to think that their love was weaken the farther they go apart. In cases like this they are losing love for each other but actually gaining love because now they want to see each other more than ever before. Even more so the author uses the simile like “gold to airy thinness” to explain gold is always retains its original form it can not bend like other metals like steel. Their love only goes one way it can not be bent or harmed referring back to the statement the speaker love for his lover is built upon a unshakeable

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