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Finding the Love of Your Life Many believe that there is no distinct way to select a spouse, but Dr. Neil Clark Warren claims otherwise. In his book, Finding the Love of Your Life, he outlines the ten most important aspects to mate selection, and then elaborates on those principals. Dr. Warren starts his book out by presenting what he thinks to be the seven most common causes of “faulty mate selection.” Eliminating these seven faults is the first step to walking through the process of finding a well fitting mate. Many of these seven faults have to do with how the decision to get married is made, and is exemplified in the following: the decision to get married is made too quickly, the decision is made at too young of an age, one or both of the potential mates are too eager to be married too early on in the relationship, one or both may be choosing their partner only to please someone else, the experience of the two is too minimal, the couple has unrealistic expectations for their marriage, and finally, one or both may have personality or behavioral issues that must be addressed before considering marriage. To summarize those seven faults just a little bit, I think Dr. …show more content…

He simply says that passionate love should be allowed to mature before a couple decides to marry. By this, he means to let companionate love grow alongside the passionate love. Companionate love involves being much more intimate with one’s partner than does just sex. It is after all that initial passion fades that the relationship is truly tested. When passion fades, if companionate love does not take its place, then the relationship is destined to fail. A couple with companionate love, love each other deeply, and in a mature and enduring way. This genuine love allows each member of the couple to be their true, authentic selves, and to develop trust, along with shared dreams and plans for the

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