Runaway Love Analysis

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Ludacris, a famous male singer released a song featuring Mary J. Blige in 2007 called “Runaway Love.” This song speaks for itself and Ludacris does an excellent job of portraying his message about various struggles that some people are faced with in life. Runaway Love reperents the struggle of life through hip-hop and rap music. The song portrays a story of little girls who are for instance “stuck up in a world of their own.” The people around them strictly don’t care about them, which leads them having to own up and care for themselves. These girls are at the ages from 9 to 11 and at a young age their goal in life is to run away from their home. In this song, Ludacris try to bring a message to the listeners by trying to get people to realize the struggle that children have to face. Adults aren 't the only people that go through hard times and struggles, children do as well. Though people believed adults are the only people to have problems, children just have problems in their own different ways. Each girl descirbed in this song I feel as if it can relate to so many childrens life in today’s world. Each one has a different story …show more content…

However Ludacris only uses a few poetic devices, they enhance the tone of the song. People who listen carefully or read the lyrics to this song realizes that he is displaying a very serious story of three young girls facing hardship and their struggle to survive. These girls are fed up with the life they are forced to live and feel as if the only solution is to runaway. The ton of “Runaway Love”, is melancholy and dark, an opens eye’s to a problem that most people try to ignore. These girls should be enjoying their childhood but instead they are taking on the roles of an adult. In the video of this song each girls face shows sign of sadness and confusion as to why the world has to be so cold like this. The message he is trying to show is

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