Fahrenheit 451 Song Analysis

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The five song playlist that I chose is Fireworks, Set fire to the rain, The way, Love the way you lie and Firestones. All of these songs relates to the novel in different ways. The song Fireworks by katy Perry relates to the novel Fahrenheit 451 because in this song it is saying if you ever feel Like a plastic bag drifting through the wind wanting to start again. Guy Montag had committed mistakes that he might regretted. Some times we just want to start over again and the song perfectly portrays that. Also it saids “… screams but no one hears a thing” Guy Montag was trying to tell his wife about books but as much as he tried she wouldn 't listen to him like the song. In the story theres a lot of conflict that had happen but like the song saids that after a hurricane theres a rainbow. When all the bad stuff that is happening in his life its like the hurricane and the rainbow can be when he found the hobos that weren 't just hobos. Set fire to the rain by Adele expresses the feelings that Guy Montag could have been feeling. In the song Adele is saying that her arms are strong but her knees are too weak to stand. Guy Montag had to feel the same way because having the courage to burn the Captain using his hands to pull the trigger. Makes his arms strong like the song. Also later on the song Adele saids “ Cause theres a side to you I never knew” in some cases people would have never thought of a fireman having books. When Guy Montag showed his wife the books he had. She could

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