Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury: Literary Analysis

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In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, Guy Montag is a fireman. A fireman’s job is to burn books, not stop fires. If one was caught with books in their home, the firemen would burn the book owner’s house down. Nobody would expect Montag to read books and get other people to read books, but he does. Book reading starts an extensive line of events, including Montag murdering his boss. Montag goes through a lot in Fahrenheit 451, and lots of events are avengeful. The theme of the novel is revenge.

Out of terror, Mildred rang the book alarm, avenging Montag for not loving her, along with constantly putting her in danger through book reading (page 108). Montag had a secret library, that he showed to his wife, Mildred. Since books are illegal, Mildred felt unsafe. She didn’t want to be guilty for keeping books, but she knew the burning of her house was inevitable. One day while Montag was working, Mildred rang the alarm in their house, which called the firemen. Montag, along with the other firemen, came rushing to the house, not knowing it was Montag’s. Montag was forced to set his life of work and persistence ablaze, piece by piece, with a flamethrower. MIldred ringing the book alarm was a big part in the story. The reasoning behind it was to avenge Montag for his past mistakes. …show more content…

Montag did this because he was enraged by how sneaky Beatty was while spying on him, along with forcing Montag burn down his own house (page 113). After Montag burned his house down, he had a conversation with Captain Beatty. Beatty told Montag that Montag was under arrest. Montag was very upset, and Beatty started tormenting Montag. These torments triggered lots of emotion in Montag, so, consequently, he shot Beatty with a flamethrower and killed him. Montag’s logic for killing Beatty was that Beatty was about to send Montag to jail, after Montag burned his own house down. This key event in the story was based on

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