Fahrenheit 451 Technology Quotes

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“When someone truly cares about you, they give effort, not an excuse”~Zig Ziglar. Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451, has a theme of relationships decaying because of technology. The protagonist, montag and his wife mildred slowly grow apart throughout the book because of technology. As mildred becomes more and more obsessed with technology, motag strives to keep their relationship alive. Only to find that Mildred will not put forth the same amount of effort instead she gives excuses. Excuses of what she could be doing instead, and excuses that this is normal not to talk anymore in relationships. Continuing, this book was written in 1951, and it can closely related with modern things from this era. For example, this book, along with its theme, can be closely related to the song “you’ll think of me” by keith urban. This song presents the same idea of relationships decaying because object things come in …show more content…

For example, in the first verse the song states,” I pulled the covers over my head and tried to catch some sleep / But thoughts of us kept keeping me awake” (Brown, Lacy, and Matkosky). This connects to the novel, after mildred’s overdose. In the novel, montag tucks in mildred and goes to bed himself, but stays awake thinking about her and their struggles. He then has to take a sleeping pill to finally get some rest. The novel states,” Montag moved back… checker mildred, tucked the covers about her carefully, and then lay down with the moonlight…” (Bradberry 15). This also shows just how much montag still cares for mildred even though she gives little effort back toward him. This relates back to the theme of the novel, the decay of human relationships. Montag and mildred’s relationship is decaying because of technology and poor decisions. To summarize, Urban’s song “you’ll think of me”, closely connected with the theme of the novel, Fahrenheit

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