Rhetorical Analysis: Graham Hill

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As for Rhetorical Appeals, the author use strong logo in this article, he points out several statistic data, for example, 3,600 square feet house vs 420 sq. ft. studio, the size of the house that the author brought can inticate the life style of author has already change. He does not a big house anymore. The author uses ethos by showing facts of reliable research, for example, A Study done on 32 middle income families indicted that all mothers stress hormones increased when dealing with their belongings. Those facts make the article more crediable and persuasive. What is more, author use pothos by telling he was anxious and nervous when he was over material, He felt unpresent for years. “Intuitively we know that the best stuff in life…show more content…
At the early 90s, Graham earn money more than most among others, “My circumstances are unusual (not everyone gets an Internet windfall before turning 30), but my relationship with material things isn’t.” The age of the internet was under development in early 90s, many people like Granham Hill captched the chance to bite the “fat meat”. Because Graham Hill had enough money that can allow him spend freely, he bought many things, no mather if he really need them. When he had two houses at the same time, he soon felt anxious. They were rich, therefore they can experience much more material things than normal people, then they realized things weren’t bringing them…show more content…
Overall the article, the author uses his personal experience and facts to support his idea. Material object is not the only reason creation of the happiess, also owning many material things, such as house, cars, shoes, phones and so on does not mean will live happy, instead, they can become the burdens of life. The article is under well the structure of Toulmin analysis, because we can find claim- main idea, gound - crediable resourse to support the main idea, and warrant - a mental connection between the grounds and the claim in this
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