Rhetorical Analysis Of A Priest's Speech

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I have never attended Catholic Mass. It almost seemed like stepping into a different country. Although he did not state his name and credentials, his attire, formality, and title allowed everyone know that he was a priest. The topic of the speech concerns our human nature to bargain and diminish another person’s work. The priest orated stories to inform and mainly pursue not to belittle one another’s experience on this planet. This was taken place at University of the Pacific’s Morris Chapel, Sunday evening. Though I can safely say that the majority of the audience consisted of frequent Catholic followers, I noticed a number of students who are also in COMM 27. Overall the speech was very compelling and easy to follow. I knew exactly when the priest transitioned from prayer to story from his use of attention grabbing device and critical pauses. He stated a rhetorical question knowing his audience would ponder the idea of an answer. The priest cleverly asking whether we knew where a certain group of Native Indians were from internally previewed and summarized the moral of the story before …show more content…

The priest professionally illustrated the simplicity and vividness of telling a compelling story. I believe one of the weaknesses with this speech was his loss of informing the audience of his main points, this eventually lead him to go off on a tangent. A major strength was his delivery and memorability. The verbal and non-verbal messages complemented the speech smooth, opening the audience almost conversationally. My only suggestion is maintaining a balance within each segment. At times the priest would speak quickly and miss certain cues of internal summaries. I learned great ways to improve my rhetoric and saw a pleasant way to incorporate controlled movement. Sharing messages that has affected your life profoundly is easier to convey to an

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