Rhetorical Analysis Of The Whites Of Their Eyes

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Jack Massey Makenna Green Comp 1 7/13/2016 “The Whites Of Their Eyes” In The Whites Of Their Eyes Stuart Hall goes on to talk about certain race constructiveness in the media. The article then begins to talk about how the media poses a representation of multiple ideologies, and how these ideologies define race. Stuart Hall uses logos to attract the readers trust in the article, he also uses a little ethos to persuade his audience through character that what he’s writing is in fact an important matter. Stuart goes on to talk about many different forms and practices of media pointed towards multiple dissimilar races. One could say his tactics reflect that of the media, and the examples he uses in the article mostly rely on his emotion towards his argument. Stuart claims that the media can structure and change the way we view things through rhetoric. An example of Rhetoric, would be if one were to walk into a class room, and In his …show more content…

Although Stuart lacks in fact based situations, he shines light on some important and noteworthy points towards his theses. For example, he begins to explain the occurrence of adventure films, and how todays media has shaped that genre into a progressive form of violence, crime, and structured visualizations on the race of characters, or a character that is portrayed a certain way because of his race. “Another based-image is that of the “native.” The good side of this figure is portrayed in a certain primitive nobility and simple dignity. The bad side is portrayed in terms of cheating and cunning, and, further out, savagery and barbarism.” This quote, along with other quotes in similarity, are indeed noteworthy, but Stuart solely relies on his pathos appeal, and the credibility of his accomplishments. But if Stuart Hall wants to create something viral, he needs to interpret some known sources and studies in relation to the

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