Rhetorical Analysis: The Social Dilemma

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For this rhetorical analysis essay I decided to reflect upon the somewhat recent documentary titled “The Social Dilemma”. From gen-zians to baby boomers, this film was dedicated to educating people on the impact of social media on today’s society as we have entered a tech-frenzy world. Just like many other people, I wanted to see what the craze was about when this film was produced back in 2020. From interviews with former tech company employees to societal examples, Jeff Orlowski used various rhetorical strategies to convey an important message within his world-famous film. Growing up during a time where social media was just developing and kids weren’t glued to their iPad’s, I have very clearly noticed the effects social media has had on, …show more content…

The film features dramatic reenactments of the algorithms used by social media platforms to keep users engaged. These scenes are visually striking, and they effectively illustrate the ways in which social media companies use data to manipulate users. The film also uses graphic design to highlight key points and statistics, making the information more accessible and memorable for the audience. To continue the mode of senses used within The Social Dilemma, sound is another rhetorical strategy used. The film features a haunting soundtrack that creates a sense of unease and tension. The soundtrack effectively captures the ominous tone of the film, underscoring the dangers of social media. Last but not least, the metaphoric use of comparing social media to a drug is, what I believe, the main rhetorical strategy. This comparison puts a thought in the back of every viewer's mind that social media is inherently a “drug”, suggesting that it is addictive and harmful. The film shows how social media companies use algorithms to keep users engaged, comparing this process to the way that drug dealers keep their customers hooked. This metaphor is powerful and memorable, effectively illustrating the negative impact that social media can have on individuals and

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