Rhetorical Strategies In Julius Caesar

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The article titled "Julius Caesar" was once written by William Shakespeare in 1599 which spoke the tragic story of Julius Caesar, an ordinary man whom was rising to the top to become a king who life suddenly took an unpredicted turn. It all began with Julius returning from a battle which gave reason for some to praise him relating to Antony, his right arm man. Yet on the other side, the remaining envied him like Cassius. Shakespeare work of rhetorical strategies is a way to persuade and impress the audience to spice up things as a way of entertainment while schooling. Based on this novel Antony speech towered above Brutus speech in my opinion because his maneuver of emotion to seek revenge on Brutus. To begin, Shakespeare use of rhetorical…show more content…
First, Antony tries to earn trust in the audience at the obsequy as he states," Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.(Shakespeare 82), which is a signal of…show more content…
Then towards the end of the story, repetition is utilized to make the Plebeians want to interrogate Brutus about his loyalty as he utters," Yet Brutus says he was ambitious: and Brutus is an honorable man... And sure he is an honorable man." Next, in Brutus speech the rhetorical devices that exist are logos, rhetorical question, and pathos. These devices were used to illustrate how ambitious Caesar was and how hungry he was to hold the crown. As an example, logos is used to send a message out to the judges to take a step back to look at the big picture when Brutus announces, "Censor in your wisdom, and awake your sense that you may the better judge."(Shakespeare 17-18) After that, a rhetorical question was addressed to manifest why he eliminated Caesar to free everyone from being serfs which questioned,"Had you rather Caesar were living, and die all slaves, than that Caesar was dead, to live all free
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