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Richard Chase was born on May 23, 1950 in Santa Clara, California. He was born into a strict family and subject to much physical abuse by his father. Richard Chase began showing signs of mental illness early. He became dependent on alcohol in his childhood and made a habit of starting fires and mutilating animals. As a teenager, he could not sustain normal sexual function without the aid of disturbing practices, such as necrophilia and animal murder. His delusions began around this time and his father forced him to move to his own apartment, where he began to eat animals raw after he killed them. In his teenage years he began drinking and using drugs, mostly smoking marijuana and using LSD. He developed hypochondria from his drug and alcohol abuse which caused him to tell doctors that his pulmonary artery had been …show more content…

David was at work and Teresa left the door unlocked to take out the garbage. Chase ambushed her and shot her with the same gun used to kill Griffin. He then raped her body after she died from her head wounds, and carved it up with a butcher knife. He drank the blood of the organs and bathed in it and finished the crime by stuffing dog feces into the mouth of the corpse. Only two days after, Chase entered the home of Evelyn Miroth. She was babysitting her two-year-old nephew David and her son Jason. A neighbor named Dan Meredith was also in the house. With the same gun from the other murders, he shot Dan in the head. Then he murdered the two children as well. After killing Evelyn, he sodomized the corpse and drank blood from the neck. Then he allowed blood to pool in her abdomen before draining and drinking it. He was a sloppy killer though, as he left a lot of evidence laying around the crime scene. He stole David’s body and consumed the brain matter and blood. Before he left it at a nearby church, he mutilated the

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