Richman Investments Case Study

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Richman Investments. Internet Access and Email Use Policy
William Moreno
Friends University

Richman Investments provides company email and internet access to all of its employees for the strict purpose of conducting business relevant to Richman Investments and any third-party vendor therein.

The Purpose of an Internet Access and Email Use Policy:
To establish regulations and guidelines for company employees to protect the intellectual property and digital assets of Richman Investments by providing written clarification of what is considered permissible use, and to furthermore differentiate acceptable usage from usage that is in violation of company policy.

Acceptable Usage:

1. Using the Internet to search for, connect to, websites and/or services that are in direct …show more content…

Connecting to the internet to view, manipulate, update, search, play, or check any website or service for personal use whatsoever including (Social Media, Banking, Email, Cloud Storage, Gaming, Music, Videos, or livestreams)
2. Using the internet to search for, and or to connect to/ accessing websites or repositories with the use of keywords, words, and terms that are explicit in content having to do with anything of sexual, abuse, drugs, terror, violence, or religious content.
3. Attempting to hack, tweak, modify any system while using the internet or email address provided by Richman Investments.

The use of personal equipment to access Richman Investment Servers:

Richman Investments strictly prohibits the use of personal cell phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, Internet of Things (IOT) devices to connect to Richman Investment hosted internet access.

Employee Responsibility: It is the personal responsibility of Richman Investment employees to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy when using company resources for accessing the internet. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary and/or legal action, up to and including, but not limited to, termination.

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