Rising Action Chapter Summaries

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7 Rising Actions Tommy finds book from past (quickly introduced into text)... time is also quickly introduced (May 17, 2155) which takes place in near future Continue to Read it and Tommy reveals that this book about school Introduces information about Margie’s mechanical teacher and how she was giving harder courses which resulted in her receiving bad grades Mother is introduced as mentioned and gets mechanic to check mechanical Inspector/Mechanic explains to mother about Margie’s academic level and how she is satisfactory Continue to investigate book and find out that teachers were humans and students all studied, played, and talked together Found out that children learned same things together when conversation got cut short Falling Action Hand in homework with sigh Margie heads back to desk thinking about how different school would have been Teacher asks math problem to her Imagined children all sitting together, learning together, sharing and playing together, and thought how nice it would have been to interact with others and communicate new ideas rather than be isolated and have information tailored to you only Climax Mrs. Johnson (Mother) calls Margie for school and indirectly tells Tommy to go to school as well …show more content…

Margie extremely dislikes their current school system due to the fact that technology is playing a big part in it. She has a soulless teacher as it is automated and has a similar system of being taught as if she was home schooled. She wasn’t a fan of this system mainly due to her teacher and how the teaching was boring and isolated. It did not help her learn and achieve her expectations. She hates the system and the concept of “tailored education” and the feeling of “isolation and boredom”. In turn, she dislikes how society has portrayed and changed education from what it was before. She wants to say no to this system and not agree to it and rather go back centuries ago and stick to that

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