Risk Analysis: Hazard Risk Assessment

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Hazard Risk Assessment
We used ‘Risk Analysis’ to identify the chemical hazard and risk that can possibly be occurred in Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Industry. We used this method because it is convenient to identify the severity and the frequency of the hazard from the visual representation (Risk Assessment Matrix). Also, after we completed performing the chemical hazards assessment, we can identify the severity scale from the result and subsequently determine and establish the suitable, appropriate ways to eliminate or lessen the hazards form occurring in the particular industry according to priority.

We used Internet to find additional information about this project, specifically for the industry that we have chosen
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Strong acid means hydrogen will completely ionize in water. With this, sulfuric acid can act as an oxidizing agent as well as a dehydrating agent. This characteristic can also be used in making batteries. This is due to the active electron to transfer itself.
To produce the sulfuric acid, there is a process in order to make this sulfuric acid that is called contact process. The manufacturing of this compound is at the industry as it has to undergo a lot of procedures to produce the product that we want which is sulfuric acid. RESULTS & DISCUSSION
Risk Assessment
There are 4 stages which we must go through in risk assessment.
The first is what substances are being exposed to the employees:
For this we are to look at all the raw materials and products of the reaction and ascertain all the hazards they can pose. The workers are classified as all those whom are at risk of being exposed to the dangerous chemicals.
The second stage is what harms can the substances cause?
In this stage we must assess all the hazards that the substances can do including and not limited to health hazards, physical hazards and physiological hazards and even psychological
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Firstly, a distribution list of the specific individuals and bodies to be contacted is constructed. Next, the deterioration of equipments is expected, if this deterioration is not kept in check it may cause failures and malfunctions which may lead to possible hazards. Therefore, preventive maintenance and testing measures have to be implemented. Other than that, regular and consistent employee trainings as well as drill schedules should be provided. It should be ensured that employees are undergo regular plan reviews and updates regarding the response plan. Emergency alarms should also be regularly tested.

• Information
An emergency organisation chart should be constructed along with the specific roles and responsibilities of individuals and bodies that are responsible for the direction and control of the entire emergency response within the working environment. A notification list or call out list should be provided to contact the specific personnel. A means of egress should also be provided in the workplace where all exits are marked with signage such as a plant site map. Provide an evacuation, rescue and first aid procedure. Lastly, provide an emergency shutdown procedure.

• Emergency Action

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