Peter's Risk Assessment Paper

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Then, questions, mostly opened-ended and a few closed- ended, will be utilize to assess Peter:
Are you or your family experiencing homelessness or food insecurity ended, will become more specific:
1. On a scale of 5-10, 10 being the highest, are your physical capabilities 2.
2. What medication (s) was prescribed by the clinic’s PCP?
Why do you think it was prescribed?
How much are you taking?
How often are you taking?
Is it helping? WHY OR WHY NOT?
Then, Peter’s Risk Assessment questions will be included:
1. Have you had suicidal ideations, or attempted suicide
2. Have you had homicidal ideations, or attempted homicide

Next the assessment will ask:
1. Where/with whom do you currently live? Who do you turn to for support?
2. How long have you been marry? If you have children, list names and ages: Which …show more content…

Type of characteristics of the home - Can you describe your home? Do you own or rent? Do you consider your home adequate for your needs? What are your present family health issues?

4. Is your father living? Father 's age: Where does your father live? Father 's occupation: Father 's values growing up:

5. What was your relationship with your mother like growing up? Describe your parents ' relationship with each other when you were a child: What is it like now? Where does your mother live? Mother 's occupation: Mother 's values growing up: Describe your relationship with your mother now.

6. How would you describe your social support? Distant from Family Few Friends No Friends
Then, ROPES model questionnaires to asses Peter’s situation:
1. What personal, family, friend or religious, organizational, community or other resources/support systems do you have?
2. What resources are available to help you achieve your choice now?
3. What have you thought of trying but haven’t tired yet?
4. Are there times in your life when sleeping/ stomachic/ headache were less of problem?
5. What is working now and what new solutions can you create to decrease your

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