Rehabilitation Counseling Personal Statement Essay

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Currently, I work for South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department (SCVRD). I am an Assessment and Career Exploration Specialist and also a Job Preparedness Instructor. While I enjoy my current role, I feel the need to carry out a more significant function in the rehabilitation process. I am seeking a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling because it is a requirement for the next step in my career. Well into the future, I envision myself in a leadership role within my current agency where I am able to advise on agency practices and service provision. I feel that it is necessary to have a vast working knowledge in the largest service provided by our agency, Rehabilitation Counseling. This degree will give me the qualifications to provide this service to those in my community who have disabilities. I look forward to explaining my experience, my plans for completing the program requirements, …show more content…

As I progress in my career, I feel that it is important to develop a personal style and technique that clients can relate to. I am also interested in learning more about assessments and evaluations as they drive the rehabilitation plan. While I have assessed hundreds of clients, I realize that there is more to learn. For instance, the trend over the next five years will be an increase in applicants who receive state-plan home and community based services. The Final Rule issued by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid will require that individuals receive services in the most integrated settings. As a result, this new demographic will directly impact VR offices around the country as new interest is shown in our services. For these reasons, the Masters of Rehabilitation Counseling program at the University Of South Carolina School of Medicine is of interest to

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