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Robert Lee Yates, Jr. born May 27, 1952 is a convicted serial killer from Spokane, Washington. From 1996 to 1998, Yates is known to have murdered at least 13 women in Spokane County, Washington. He is currently on death row at Washington State Penitentiary, for murdering 13 prostitutes working on Spokane's "Skid Row".

Robert, was a father of five and an Army veteran. He was “typical person” as many people who underwent interviews about him said. He was different things to many people, A stand-up guy, said his high-school friends, a teacher, said Army subordinates, a family guy, a single parent, meticulous, and religious. Authorities now say he's a serial killer, European newspapers call him the "notorious Washington Ripper." Investigators …show more content…

This encounter was unnoticed by his parents. Robert went through high school and college without any criminal record. In August of 1972, he married Shirley Nylander, after 18 short months of marriage they separated. In July of 1974, he married Linda Brewer that marriage was annulled because divorce was not final from Shirley Nylander. In August of 1974, the divorce was finalized and 4 months later Linda gave birth to their first daughter Sasha. In July of 1975, he committed his first murders, the bodies of the two victims were found a day later. That same month, he was angry at Pantrol coworker and spread his feces on business door.

Robert, suffered from paraphilic disorder which caused him to commit sex killings. The acts that he would do leading up to murdering them were horrendous. He would have sex with them, possibly do drugs, after that he would shoot them and have sex with the body and then he would rob them. The cycle repeated with every victim. He murdered women age 16-47 who were prostitutes he also murdered one …show more content…

She vaguely has a remembrance a man about the age of 50, average height of about 5’9, blue-eyed, picking her up on a street corner in downtown Spokane at about 1 a.m. "You're not the psycho killer, are you?" she said as she climbed in. As he drove to a secluded spot, he told her he was a helicopter pilot for the National Guard. He was not a murderer, he told her, because he had five kids and “He wouldn’t do such a thing.” He was calm and unlike many of her customers sober. He paid Smith $40 for some sexual activity. Then all of sudden she felt a blow to her head. At first she did not know what hit her. As blood flowed from her head wound, she nearly lost consciousness. The man asked for her money, but Smith managed to make a quick escape from the vehicle. At the hospital, the wound, mistakenly ruled as a knife cut, was sewn up with three stitches. It was not until early 2000, when Smith was in a car accident requiring her to have her head examined by an X ray. They discovered shrapnel: the 1998 attack had in fact been a shooting, and she had been too rattled at the time of the incident to know otherwise. Smith's police report of the incident would remain buried in a police filing cabinet for

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