Edmund Hitchhik And Luchessa's Death

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After being released Edmund had not killed again till 3 years later, but in 1972 his spree started. He murdered 8 women, these were unlawful and premeditated killings. His first two victims were Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Luchessa, both 18, they were hitchhiking and Ed had offered to give them a ride to lure them into his car. He tied Luchessa in the trunk while stabbing and strangling Pesce, than after did the same to Luchessa. He had sex with the corpses than dismembered and disposed of the parts. His next killing was in September of 1972, her name was Aiko Koo, a 15 year old who was hitchhiking because she missed the bus to dance class. Once he got to a secluded area he chcked her unconscious and raped and killed her. He took her body back …show more content…

On January 8th 1973 Edmund killed Cindy Schall, he shot her in the head and brought him back to his apartment where he cut up her body and threw it over a cliff, besides her head, which he kept to have sex with. When he was done with it he buried it in his mother's garden so it was looking up at her because “she always wanted people to look up to her”. His next two victims were Rosalind Thorpe and Allison Liu on February 5th 1973. Women were advised not to get in cars with men, not to hitchhike, only get in cars if they have the school sticker on it. Since Ed’s mother worked at the school he was lucky enough to have one. He shot both of them with a .22 in his car. He decapitated them in his car and brought in the heads to have sex with. He later dismembered the bodies and took out the bullets to prevent identification. His last two victims were known to him …show more content…

His lawyer was trying for insanity but after being reviewed by many professionals he was deemed sane, since he knew that his crimes were bad and would have negative consequences. Ed had even tried to commit suicide during the times of the trial with a ballpoint pen to possibly play into the idea of him being mentally unstable. Since he had an extremely high IQ and was a very smart man the way he spoke made it hard for people to believe he was insane. When found guilty of these crimes he was sentenced to 8 consecutive life sentences at California Medical Facility. He was asked what he thought she be done with him and he said tortured to death, but he was not put to death since crimes had to be committed after January of 1974 to be eligible. He was given many chances for parole but he believed he was not suitable for life outside of prison so he waived his rights for parole hearings. The public was happy with the outcome of the case as he was off the streets not able to do this again. The death penalty was wanted by many who believed sitting in jail did not compensate for his

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