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Danny Harold Rolling is also known, as the Gainesville Ripper was an American serial killer who murdered five students at the University of Florida. Danny was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on May 26th 1954. His dad James was abusive from the start of his birth. His father was also a police officer. His father also abused his mom Claudia and brother Kevin. His mother Claudia frequently left James for months at a time but always came back because of her two boys. Since I am from Florida a lot of my friends go to the University of Florida and one of my friends in particular his father was on campus during the time of the murders. He left campus to go home during it but knows some things that the police didn’t know; which I will talk about later …show more content…

This was two days after he got fired from his job because he missed three consecutive days of work. The medical examiner concluded that the family was murdered two days prior to the day Danny got fired. The family he murdered was Julie Grissom (24), her father Tom Grissom, and nephew 8 year old, Sean. In the year 1990 Danny broke into the house of Michael Kennedy Jr. and stole 2 handguns. He finally made his way to Sarasota, FL and that was when he used his first alias, Michael Kennedy Jr. It was August 24th 1990 when he broke into the house of two-college freshman. His first victim was Sonja Larson (17); he tired her up with duct tape and stabbed her to death. His next victim was Christina Powell (17), he taped her hands and removed her clothes and fondled her and then raped her and then stabbed her multiple times killing her. After he was done with her he went back to Sonja and raped her. He took souvenirs from each murder; from his first he cut the nipples off of the girls and took it with them. One day later he killed Christa Hoyt (18), he beheaded her and displayed her head on her bookshelf across the room and displayed her body and cut her nipples off and they lay beside her. A few days later he broke into Tracy Paules (23) and Manuel Toboada (23), he killed them both but neither were mutilated but that was because he was interrupted. Manuel was the only man he …show more content…

In a statement made by Rolling he said that most serial killers should only be convicted for their murders for hunting humans out of season. Meaning that human have hunting seasons to kill animals so he thinks there should be a season to kill humans as well. He thinks allowing serial killers to kill humans during a specific season would benefit society. Danny rolling was the worst killer Florida has ever seen since Ted Bundy. The families of the victims got justice for their children who were brutality murdered. Most families were at the Florida Prison the day Rolling was executed in the witness room watching him die. A lot of people who kept up with the trial believed her deserved a crueler way to die than lethal injection; the people wanted electrocution, crucifixion, or stoning. All of those students who were murdered are remembered on campus with a memorial and paintings of them to remember on 34th street on the graffiti

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