Robinson Jefferss: Their Beauty Has More Meaning

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“Their Beauty Has More Meaning,” written by Robinson Jeffers is seventeen lines that all flow with admiration for nature. Jeffers introduces the poem solemnly with the title referring to a their, leaving the audience wondering to whom Jeffers is referring to. Throughout the poem, Jeffers focuses on five forces if nature: storms, the moon, the ocean, dawn, and the birds. Certain words are structured differently to showcase emphasis and importance towards the author. After carefully analyzing the poem, it is evident that Jeffers is trying to convey that nature is a sacred treasure that truly represents the ultimate deity. After leaving the audience questioning the identity of “their, ”the speaker opens the poem by describing the scenery of the ocean at night, the ocean being one of the most significant forces of nature. He first proclaims that the sight of the beautiful ocean was seen yesterday, hinting to the reader that the past would be different from today. He then illustrates that the, “ enormous the moon hung low on the ocean,” (Line 1-2). By using personification to describe the moon as hanging low, the speaker is accentuating the …show more content…

However, in the eyes of the speaker they see the opposite. Because the ocean is such a strong, powerful force of nature, the speaker thinks that whether the ocean is ferocious or serene, it is still something worth worshipping or admiring. Perhaps the admiration comes from the ocean’s ability to change its reputation so quickly, yet be adored and treasured by people all over the world. After listening to the speaker’s portrayal of the ocean, it is noticeable that they are absolutely awestruck. The speaker talks about the ocean with such veneration, making it evident that the ocean, being a strong force of nature can eventually make others appreciate its mere

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