Role Of Freedpeople In Reconstruction

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The newly freedpeople was one of the groups that played a role in reconstruction. During the reconstruction period the freedpeople had to test there freedoms and see how free they really were. It soon became clear to the freedpeople that it was in there hands how free they really could be. It proved almost impossible for the first generation to live a free life as government help was almost nonexistent (469). Division between whites and blacks were important during this time. This division allowed blacks to stand on there own two feet working, worshiping, and educating their community. Another group that played a role in the reconstruction period was the white house. The president declared that the South never really seceded. This declaration allowed the South to still be part of the U.S. with rights as U.S. citizens. This declaration was against congresses wishes. Congress wanted them to merely be territories without the right to vote (468). Congress felt that Lincoln carried to much power…show more content…
All of there property would be issued back to them in order to start mending north and south relations (472). Another benefit of reconstruction was that black males were granted the right to vote. This benefit was offered so that the government could rationalize that the freedpeople could fend for them selves (489). Although groups of whites like the ku klux clan would physically prohibit them from placing there votes at least it was a step in the right direction. Black Codes was one of the horrible consequences of reconstruction. Without the help of powerful government officials looking out for freedpeople unfair treatment continued. Another negative consequence of reconstruction was that after the north issued there land back they didn’t stay to insure the blacks were freed. Because, of this over sight many freedpeople stayed put and continued to be endure unfair
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