Role Of Ophelia In Hamlet

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Ophelia, a noblewoman of Denmark, daughter of Polonius, sister to Laertes, and the love of Hamlet’s life. Ophelia seems to be the purest and most naive character in the play who believes everything she is told. In the Tragedy of Hamlet, Ophelia is a character who is torn in between conflicting sides. Ophelia is a conflicted character who cannot seem to make her own decisions. In Act I Scene III, her brother Laertes and father Polonius tell her that Hamlet will not marry her since he is the heir to the throne, he may choose to marry whomever he pleases. Ophelia believes, however, that Hamlet does truly love her, even though he denied it in the Nunnery Scene. This is an example of how Ophelia is hesitant on making her own decisions but chooses…show more content…
She proves to truly love Hamlet, she brings out a different character in Hamlet when she is around. In Act III Scene II during the play, Hamlet is more outspoken than usual because Ophelia is there. It seems as with Ophelia around Hamet can let loose and be more of himself. When Ophelia dies, in Act V Scene I, Hamlet is truly affected by the death of the fair Ophelia. He leaps into the grave and fights Laertes, only to confess his love for her afterwards. It is because of Ophelia that Laertes and Hamlet dislike each other. Ophelia’s death only added more fury to the final scene, in which Laertes and Hamlet fight in a fencing match. Ophelia is significant to The Tragedy of Hamlet because she was Hamlet 's lover and she also played a key role to Hamlet’s secret plan. Not only that but Polonius used her as bait to spy on Prince Hamlet. Ophelia was completely obedient seeing as she had no agency and let others make her…show more content…
Throughout the acts, I can see how Ophelia needs guidance and cannot make her own decisions. Ophelia, in my opinion, is a character who is needy and seeks attention. In the beginning of the play, we can already see how naive Ophelia is, when in Act I Scene III she takes in the words of her father and is obedient to his advice about Hamlet. Ophelia does not significantly change in the play. She spent her time worrying about what other people thought about her that she forgot to focus on herself. However, she is significant to the play because Ophelia shows how much of an influence people can have in our lives. It was through Ophelia that Hamlet was able to make people believe he was mad. It was because of Ophelia’s love and concern for Hamlet that she told Polonius who then told Claudius, and Hamlet’s plan was put into
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