Role Of Responsibility In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The phrase ‘our responsibility as a society’ means making an impact by changing the lives of others regardless of the obstacles, circumstances and consequences you have to overcome. Our responsibility as a society is to be willing to sacrifice our well-being or lifestyle for the needs of others.
We can change people’s lives if we are involved in their life, by helping them with their needs. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, illustrates George’s responsibility (the main character), as a big part of Lennie’s life. As a result of George’s responsibility, he sacrifices his well-being by giving up his relationships with others to keep Lennie out of trouble. Since Lennie got in trouble, while George was laying down on the sand with his hands under
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John Steinbeck explains how Curley, the boss’s son, is not involved in his wife’s life, because he spends all his time talking about the ways he is going to seek revenge, as a result Curley’s wife gets lonely and is tempted to flirt with the men on the ranch. When Curley's wife tried speaking to Crooks, but he also rejected her fiercely and she said to Crook “ Think I don’t like to talk to somebody ever once in awhile, think I like to stick around in the house all time and listen to what Curley is going to do to the other men”(Steinbeck 77). Since Curley’s wife is not getting attention from her husband, she is forced to seek attention from other men in the bunkhouse. Curley’s wife is very loyal to Curley, but because Curley is not involved in her life she complains to other men like Lennie saying “I never get to talk to anybody. I get awful lonely”(Steinbeck 85). Because Curley’s wife needed someone to talk to, she was lonely because Curley doesn’t devote his time to her. Since her husband is always with his friends and he is more happy with his friends rather than his wife, she is isolated because she has nobody staying with…show more content…
Rinaldi explains in his video “Carry On” about two best friends that met in a wrestling match practice because they were the only one’s who can wrestle each other. Because Leroy was in need Dartanyan was involved in his life, by “[Lifting] Leroy onto his back and from every match, on and off every bus into and out every gym, all season long”(Rinaldi). If it were not for Dartanyan who accepted the responsibility to be a caregiver to Leroy, then Leroy would be lonely like Curley’s wife however because Dartanyan instead supports him in everything that he does, Leroy isn’t isolated. Unlike Curley who couldn't spend time with his wife, Dartanyan was always a company to Leroy by satisfying his needs. Leroy says “ It means so much to me … to know I have a friend who was there to catch me if I stumbled”(Rinaldi). Dartanyan and Leroy weren’t just friends however they were best friends and had a caring relationship that Curley doesn't have with his wife. As a result of their loyal friendship unlike Curley’s relationship with his wife, the two high school students were always together, never in isolation and encouraging each other to try new things. Unlike Curley’s wife who is lonely and has nobody to talk to, Dartanyon and Leroy have been together since the day they met, having each other’s back and building unbreakable relationships.
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