Of Mice And Men Friendship Analysis

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In the story Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck there are many friendships shown in this book. The main friendship in the book though is the friendship of Lennie and George. The friendship of George and Lennie is shown throughout the entire book, and is a very complex relationship. Even though Lennie and George’s friendship is the main one there are many more friendships throughout of mice and men, the friendships make the story so much more of an interesting read.
The idea of friendship in Of Mice and Men, is portrayed by the author, John Steinbeck, through foreshadowing and the art of using the comparisons of small vs big and man vs animal friendships. An example of foreshadowing in the book was when Carlson killed Candy’s dog with his luger, a German pistol; this event foreshadows George killing Lennie at the end of the story. The comparison of friendship through small vs big is Lennie being a very tall mentally challenged strong man, and George being a small very intelligent man and they are the main characters and the strongest
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For example, when Lennie goes into Crooks’ room even though he knows he is not allowed in there, Lennie is just trying to be friendly. Crooks at first doesn’t want Lennie in the room but after Lennie would not leave he let him stay. By Crooks letting Lennie stay was probably good for Crooks because he is always lonely and being discriminated against. The absence of friendship makes the characters sad and lonely and then they are meaner characters. For example, The Boss who only shows up once is a very lonely man because he has no friendships so he is always a very angry man. The Boss takes out his anger on Crooks because he is black. Crooks is being discriminated against so he is very lonely and that makes him want to pick on someone else so that’s why he picks on
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