Romeo And Juliet And Franco Zeffirelli's

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Romeo and Juliet is one story we have all heard before. The story of two star crossed lovers whose families hate one another. The story was loved by everyone. 2 great people, Baz Luhrmann and Franco Zeffirelli, loved it so much they made a film on it. But both told it in their own unique way. Although Franco Zeffirelli produced his version in 1968 while Luhrmann made his in 1997. The 2 films did have some similarities, but overall they were completely different, as the fight scenes in the movie will portray. In Zeffirelli's version there are many qualities that make it a good film. Such as the props. The good use of costumes allow us to imagine which a character would be like. As Zeffirelli has Tybalt wearing horns in his cap. This allows …show more content…

Compared to Zeffirelli’s version, which is very bland, Luhrmann makes the play seem more enthralling with the music, weather, emotion. Luhrmann incorporates music and the weather to make the scenes more dramatic. When Mercutio falls, the weather suddenly darkens, and the effective use of music makes Mercutio’s death seem all the more tragic. Additionally, there is more emotion, you can feel how angry and sad Romeo is when Mercutio dies. You can feel his rage when he chases down Tybalt and then shoots his body full of holes. Whereas Zeffirelli’s film is more light, the tension isn’t high and he makes it seem like Mercutio and Tybalt’s death happen accidently. As in Zeffirelli’s film it seems like Mercutio and Tybalt are just messing around and Romeo pulls Mercutio into Tybalt’s rapier. Despite the fact that Mercutio was dueling with Tybalt in the book. Luhrmann effectively portrays this as Tybalt grabs a glass shard and stabs Mercutio with full intent to kill. It wasn’t accidental, you could tell that Tybalt’s actions were intentionall. Furthermore, Luhrmann’s film is modernized, it makes Shakespeare intentions easier to understand. As when Mercutio says “By my heel I do not care” when Benvolio tells him the Capulets have come and then puts his heel onto the table. Luhrmann also changes the swords to guns to give it more modernized view but at the same time still expressing Shakespeare’s

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