Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

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During everyday life and in society we make distinctions everyday about people we should trust and those not to be trusted based on what they do, and how that might affect us. it affects us. In the novelization version of “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” by WIlliam Shakespeare, the character of Friar Lawrence is initially introduced as to be a trustworthy character, especially because he is a priest. (Doesn’t Romeo seek his advice? Shows he is trusted by Romeo) and credible priest, but aAs the story goes on, he exposes his true characteristics of being very selfish and irresponsible. Romeo and Juliet ultimately die an untimely death as the direct result of Friar Lawrence’s intervention - he marries them due to his irresponsibility of marrying them with knowledge of the threatening feud and without their parents’ consent. In doing so, their trust in him is misplaced and he does not turn out to be the trusted guide to their future,. Even worse, and he abandoning sJuliet in the Capulet crypt, leaving her to see Romeo, her dead husband and her dead husband-to-be.
Romeo and Juliet eventually end up perishing because of Friar Lawrence marrying them without the consent of both the feuding families. After they meet initially at the Capulet party, Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first siteght. This eventually leads to them arranging and executing a secret marriage without the knowledge or even the consent for them to married from either of the families. Friar Lawrence,
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