Romeo And Juliet Dbq Project Who's To Blame

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When Romeo and Juliet first met the fell for each other right away, but there was something in the way. Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet which go in the way were it lead to death of six people. Who is to blame for them meeting and the death’s? First to blame is the families, the families have been having a feud between each other that is getting in the way of Romeo and Juliet’s love. Lady Capulet in (DBQ project: who’s to blame?) Act one, scene three did not know Juliet at all. Also in (DBQ project: Who’s to blame?) Act one, scene two Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet are forcing Juliet to marry Paris when she do not want too. Lord Capulet will not listen to Juliet and threatens to kick her out if she ignores her. LAdy Capulet will

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