Romeo And Juliet Is To Blame Essay

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Romeo and Juliet is a love story written by William Shakespeare with a tragic ending. It is about a boy and a girl that are star crossed lovers. They are separated by two families that do not get along. Unfortunately at the end of the story both Romeo and Juliet commit suicide because their love is forbidden because of the feud. Many believe it is Romeo and Juliet’s fault for their own deaths, but there is more evidence that supports that the feud is the blame. The feud is to blame for the tragedy because it forced them to keep secrets, it caused them to come up with dangerous plans to avoid getting caught, and it set the storyline by causing lots of deaths. The first reason why the feud is the blame for Romeo and Juliet's deaths is because the feud caused them to keep the marriage secret. One of the articles states that “it must be noted that the family feud is the reason that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is a forbidden love” ( Kerschen 1). If the feud was not a thing they would not have had to keep the love secret causing all of this trouble. Without the love being secret because of the feud Romeo and Juliet would have never died. If their wasn’t the feud Romeo …show more content…

“Therefore since the plot of Romeo and Juliet is actually only one episode of a long feud, the young couple according to Griffith, cannot escape the undertow of their families history” (Kerschen 1). This plan actually led to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. The dangerous plan the friar came up with so they could live happily ever after and avoid their families. Romeo and Juliet cannot go without each other so when Juliet fakes her death, Romeo does not know that she fake the death and he killed himself. This plan actually led to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Without the feud the friar would not have needed a plan for Romeo and Juliet to escape their families to be

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