Romeo And Juliet Movie Analysis

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ROMEO AND JULIET: Movie Review INTRODUCTION: Besides it 's tragic ending, Romeo and Juliet is An entertaining play, full of bawdy humor, sword play, vivid characters and passionate love scene. Unlike the other tragic heroes of Shakespeare the main characters do not has a great power or ability. He wrote the Romeo and Juliet in 1595.The story is borrowed from other writers, his main source was the tragical history of Romeus and Juliet that written by Arthur Brooke. Like Brooke 's poem, Shakespeare play opens with a sonnet. The dialogue of Romeo and Juliet completes another sonnet. Shakespeare using stereotypes and conventional attitudes of love poetry that is why he develop the romantic mood of Romeo and Juliet compare from…show more content…
The scene that remarkable to me is when they met at a party. They dance together and suddenly they fell in love to each other. But the scene that I dislike the most in the story is when they died in the ending of the story, because for me the best ending is "they live happily ever after",however, it opens a friendship between the two quarreled family, Montague and Capulet. The strength of Romeo Montague in that story is Juliet, because he can do anything for Juliet; he is willing to break their rules in the family just for Juliet. And that is why I adore his characteristics, because like him I 'm gonna do anything for the one I love. In the other hand, the weakness of Romeo is also Juliet, because like what I said Romeo is doing anything for Juliet that is why it is the cause of his death. Because of his too much love toJjuliet he sacrifice his own life to see Juliet in heaven. Juliet is like a typical girl. Her strength is her love ones namely Romeo, Juliet is also giving everything for Romeo. She also break the rules of their family. Her weakness is also Romeo she is willing to follow Romeo in heaven rather than marry a man that she 's never fell in love with. She act like dead because of that the
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