Ronald Cotton Case Study

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The Case of Ronald Cotton Sol Ridgeway University of North Texas The Case of Ronald Cotton 10 years in prison, is what Ronald Cotton had to endure for a crime he didn’t commit. Jennifer Thompson in 1984 was a college student making great grades and feeling really good about her future. While sleeping in her bed one night, she heard something in her bedroom and when awoke, saw a man crouched by her bed. The man jumped on top of her, put a knife to her neck, and began to rape. While she was being raped she decided to study his face. She escaped her house by telling him that he is she wanted to go get a glass of water. She fled out the back door and was able to get a neighbor to help her. When she went to the police station, they took her to the local hospital to get the evidence from her,; for …show more content…

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