Rosa Parks Short Biography

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Rosa Parks, the African American woman who the United States called the first lady of civil rights, and the mother of the freedom movement. Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her parents Leona McCarley and James McCauley got divorced when she was only two years old. After Rosa and her mom moved to Pine Level, Alabama. She lived on a family farm, where she spent her kid years until she was 11.
When she was 11, she went to a segregated school, where she was forced to walk to the 1st through 6th-grade schoolhouse. They didn’t have enough school supplies like chairs and desks, the white kids got most of the new stuff while the African Americans got the old stuff the white kids didn’t need. She also went to another segregated …show more content…

She has gotten the Spingarn Medal, Presidential Medal, Prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. award and the Congressional Gold Medal which is given by the U.S legislative branch. Rosa Parks' achievements, the Rosa Parks' Museum in downtown Montgomery, has a park named after her and has her own movie “The Rosa Parks Story” made in 2002. On October 24, 2005, in Detroit, Michigan she died in her apartment at the age of 92. She had dementia since 2002 but did not know until 2004. She was buried in between her mother and her husband in the Detroit Woodlawn Cemetery. The chapel was renamed “The Rosa L. Parks Freedom Chapel” shortly after her death. She was the first woman to be laid to rest in the Capitol Rotunda. She was remembered as one of the 20 most influential people of the 20th century on Time magazine, she was also in the New York Times, she got her own stamp, and she also has a statue in the nation’s Capitol …show more content…

If I could ask Rosa Parks one question I would ask how she was feeling when they started boycotting for bus rights. This person’s life has inspired me to stand tall even when I think I can’t, Rosa Parks has also made me give thanks to the people who have fought the war for rights so the next generations wouldn’t have the problem of racism(even though we still have racism) but we all have equal rights and they gave that to us, so I would say thank

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