Rosa Parks Speech

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The women I would like to recognize is Rosa Parks. She is valuable women in history for many reasons such as her courage, standing up for her rights, and using her words instead of her fist as Martin Luther King said. On February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama Rosa Parks was born to a teacher and a carpenter (her parents). As a child her family couldn 't support the family with the little money they earned every day. Rosa Parks health conditions were as bad as the money situation. She had developed chronic tonsillitis which is a condition that makes the tonsils have inflammatory issues. When her parents divorced she moved to Pine Level which was just outside the state capital of Montgomery. During the turn of the 20th century, the former Confederate states had established new constitutions and electoral laws that effectively disenfranchised black voters and, in Alabama, many poor white voters as well. Under the control of white-established Jim Crow laws, passed after Democrats regained control of southern legislatures, racial segregation was imposed in public facilities and retail stores in the South, including public transportation. Bus and train companies enforced the seating policies with separate sections for blacks and whites. School bus transportation was not available for black schoolchildren in the South, and black education was always underfunded due to the lack of attention on the black schools. Parks recalled going to elementary school in Pine Level, where school

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