Sojourner Truth's Speech In The Civil War

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The Civil War has had a significant impact in history for the nation today. It reconstructed our ideas about our freedom and equality.The Civil war was a very devastating time during the mid 1800’s. Things such as slavery, racism,and segregation took over.People had sacrificed their lives to devote freedom for our soon to come nation. With the Civil War in mind, Americans previous ideas about it could be answered with the solution including Sojourner Truth’s speech concerning women’s rights, and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. During the time of the Civil war, President Abraham Lincoln, gave a speech to the people discussing the importance of the Civil War. To begin with, he makes a statement from the Declaration of Independence, that our fathers …show more content…

In applicability to this, Sojourner points out that a man states woman must be helped with their necessities, while Truth is plowing, working as hard as a man , and indicating that no man could head, her(Truth).Sojourner is delineating that she can work as hard as a man can and no man is helping her with anything.Truth also elucidates even if she is a woman she can be independent with her necessities. Moreover, Truth mentions in her speech is, “ if the first woman god ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone,these woman together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again!And now they asking to do it,the men better let them”(Truth). Sojourner Truth is accordingly presenting that if even one woman was able to bring the world to its weakest, together women can bring it it to its feet again because they are just as strong as men.She also exemplifies that if women want to make a change , they should be given the chance to make a difference without having men in their way.All things considered, Truth is appointing that women do work as hard as all men, and women are able to make a

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