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The rotator cuff is composed of four muscles the Supraspinatus muscle, Infraspinatus muscle, Teres Minor muscle, and Subscapularis muscle. The rotator cuff muscles, tendons, ligaments and labrum aid in stabilizing, internally rotating and externally rotating the shoulder joint. One of the most common injuries affecting the shoulder is rotator cuff tears. In a rotator cuff tear, the rotator cuff tendons are pulled away from their attachment to the humeral head. These tears make it difficult for individuals to do overhead activities, to lift objects, and to even reach for objects. They cause pain, stiffness, and weakness in the shoulder. The three most common mechanisms of rotator cuff tears occur from damage involving heavy lifting, a fall on the shoulder/arm, or progressive wear. Rotator cuff tears are most …show more content…

They can be treated through surgery or physical therapy, based on the age of the patient or the severity of the tear. Non-operative treatment usually consists of physical therapy programs that focus on minimizing pain followed by strengthening and establishing motion of the rotator cuff along with the muscle surrounding it. This type of treatment is normally successful for grade I tears, but most likely would not be helpful in a more severe tear. When the tear is more serious, operative treatment is suggested. The surgery is typically an arthroscopic surgery and the patient is usually released the same day of the surgery or a couple days later. The purpose of the operation is to reattach the torn tendons to the humeral head. The patient will be encouraged to avoid excessive movements of the shoulder for about 6 weeks after the surgery, but physical therapy is strongly recommended. If the patient follows the doctor’s orders and goes through rehabilitation after surgery this treatment is

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